Helping communities recover faster after disaster

January 25, 2018 Get Resilient 0

Contributor: MercyCorps The headlines in 2017 were full of heart-wrenching stories and images of natural disasters wreaking havoc on communities around the world. When disaster strikes, the immediate concern of all humanitarian responders is, and […]

Bitcoin, Blockchain, and local currencies

December 18, 2017 Get Resilient 5

Contributor: Tad Montgomery The Seven Social Sins of the World: Wealth without work Pleasure without conscience Knowledge without character Commerce without morality Science without humanity Worship without sacrifice Politics without principle — given by Mohandas Gandhi […]

Is Syria’s war linked to climate change?

September 18, 2017 Get Resilient 0

By Lina Eklund, Lund University and Darcy Thompson, Lund University The Syrian civil war has raged for more than six years now. You’ve probably heard the following story linking it to climate change: an intense drought, made more likely thanks to global […]

On the front lines: Climate change’s complex relationship with conflict

September 14, 2016 Get Resilient 0

Contributor: Will Bugler Few things have a more significant impact on the fabric of a nation than war. Protracted conflict is often economically and socially ruinous costs both lives and livelihoods, and scars the collective […]

Climate change health risks will hit the poor hardest – so what can be done?

August 31, 2016 Get Resilient 0

Contributor: Bob Mash, Stellenbosch University Discussions about climate change and the effects it will have on public health and the global burden of disease have been long in the making. These consequences are now starting […]

Gender and migration in the context of climate change

July 2, 2016 Get Resilient 0

Contributor: Ann-Kristin Matthe, GIZ Gender is an often discussed topic, but a neglected perspective of climate change policy. Migration is one adaptation strategy in response to climate change, and since women and men experience migration […]

Planning for yesterday: why are we building as if we live in a stationary climate?

January 7, 2016 Get Resilient 0

Contributor: Will Bugler When planners, architects and designers build major pieces of infrastructure they, very prudently, consider the impact of future extreme weather events. However as thousands of flood victims in the north of England […]

How to communicate uncertainty around climate change

September 16, 2015 Get Resilient 0

Contributor: Will Bugler & Maya Sanchez Uncertainty surrounding climate change is often used as an excuse for inaction. But people make decisions in spite of uncertainty all the time in other parts of their lives: […]

Balancing efficiency and resilience: a recipe for systems that last

August 2, 2015 Get Resilient 0

Contributor: Ella Jamsin Over the course of evolution, ecosystems have perfected their strategies for long-term prosperity, in particular by balancing efficiency with what makes systems resilient to perturbations. After over four billion years of natural […]

Rolling to resilience: how did skateboarding help make cities more flood resilient?

June 5, 2015 Get Resilient 0

Contributor: Alastair Baglee Skateboarding and climate change resilience; what on earth can these two activities have in common? The story of skateboarding is more closely linked to climate extremes than you might think… here’s how. […]

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