Podcast: Stefan Denig, urban specialist at Siemens, on the new ‘Toolkit for Resilient Cities’

Contributor: Will Bugler

It is becoming increasingly clear that cities are important arenas for climate change adaptation. Building urban resilience to climate impacts will be vital to ensure that ever-growing populations and businesses and infrastructure investments can recover from climate-driven shocks. Damage caused by extreme weather events are increasing around the globe. In 2012, the costs of such damages totalled approximately US$160 billion worldwide. To show how cities can better protect themselves against natural disasters like hurricane Sandy, Siemens prepared a study on resilient urban infrastructure. Results show that technology is a key component of resilient and efficient infrastructure protection.

In this latest conversation on climate change adaptation, Will Bugler, for climate change adaptation consultancy Acclimatise, caught up with Stefan Denig, an urban specialist at Siemens, about the new, ‘A Toolkit for Resilient Cities’ report. Sefan, who also led the resilient cities project, talks about the necessity for cities to increase their resilience and introduces cost-effective measures that can help them do so.


Read a copy of the report here:

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To download the executive summary the ‘Toolkit for Resilient Cities’ report click here.


This podcast and article first appeared on the Acclimatise news network and has been republished here with permission. The original article can be accessed here.

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