Understanding resilience: implications for the water sector

September 25, 2012 Get Resilient 0

Contributor: Dr Heather Smith Policy rhetoric around water resources and infrastructure increasingly emphasises the need to promote ‘resilience’ within water and wastewater systems. This trend is particularly evident in countries such as the UK – […]

Resilient politics?

September 23, 2012 Get Resilient 0

Contributor: Samir Jeraj ‘Resilience’ is both about adapting to change and creating institutions that can survive extreme events. So, what do resilient political institutions look like in a modern democracy? Democracy, it has been said, […]

Out of land and nowhere to go: occupying land in Cahabon, Guatemala

September 15, 2012 Get Resilient 0

Contributor: Sam Jones Editor’s Note: Writing in the Guardian [The Great Imposters – August 6th, 2012], George Monbiot warned of the dangers of extending the market to encompass nature. In his article, he quoted Jean […]

Our cooperative Darwinian moment

September 3, 2012 Get Resilient 0

Contributor: Richard Heinberg Evolution can be ruthless in eliminating the unfit. “Red in tooth and claw,” as Tennyson memorably described it; nature routinely sacrifices billions of individual organisms and sometimes entire species in the course […]