Remapping the world: overcoming boundaries to a resilient future

May 1, 2012 Get Resilient 0

Contributor: Jens Ambsdorf In the last twenty years, we have made tremendous progress in imagining ways to create a better, more sustainable world. We see this vision documented in the declarations and guiding principles the […]

Return to rural communities: resilience over efficiency

April 26, 2012 Get Resilient 0

Contributor: Robert Blasiak Before moving, twelve years ago, to a village with a population of 1,230 deep in the Alps, Daniel and Johanna led a dual life in Zurich, Switzerland — accountants by day and […]

Philanthropy’s new bottom line: a more sustainable capitalism

March 28, 2012 Get Resilient 0

Contributor: Alejandro Litovsky & Caroline Hartnell It’s time to look at investment and social-ecological resilience—not just as philanthropists and impact investors but as a species. One of the worst consequences of the current financial crisis […]

From efficiency to resilience

February 16, 2012 Get Resilient 0

Contributor: Deborah Frieze The following is adapted from Walk Out Walk On: A Learning Journey into Communities Daring to Live the Future Now, by Margaret Wheatley and Deborah Frieze. Efficiency has long been the holy grail of the industrial age. […]

How does a society become resilient?

February 15, 2012 Get Resilient 0

Contributor: Jeremy Bugler In recent years, two of the world’s most advanced countries have faced major traumatic shocks. One of the societies, despite losing much of its power generation, remained a model of quiet and […]

Resilience in the modern society: Lessons from Japan’s earthquake

February 10, 2012 Get Resilient 0

Contributor: Joe Mazzarella As Japan struggled to combat the predations of a massive earthquake and tsunami, the forces of chaos have offered up another sober warning that societies are fragile. The everyday certainty and reliability […]

Shifting the thinking: a ‘Transition’ take on resilience

February 8, 2012 Get Resilient 0

Contributor: Will Bugler The ‘Transition Towns’ movement is a global initiative whose aim is to help communities become more sustainable and manage a transition to a world where oil is no longer the dominant source […]

Our oldest settlements have much to teach us about modern urban resilience

February 2, 2012 Get Resilient 0

Contributor: Will Bugler What makes a city resilient? This is an important question for the urban planners and policymakers who are designing the cities of the future. They are cities that must serve the needs […]

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