Good to share? Efficiency drive in US telecoms sector is increasing climate vulnerability

January 12, 2015 Get Resilient 0

Contributor: Will Bugler An increasing trend towards consolidation and sharing of infrastructure in the US telecommunications sector is increasing vulnerability to climate risks, according to a new report funded by the US General Services Administration […]

The new mantra of attribution and detection

November 26, 2014 Get Resilient 0

Contributor: Amanda L. Rycerz Over the past decade, the media, climate crusaders and sceptics alike have echoed the same mantra “no single extreme event can be attributed to human-induced climate change”. Whether this statement was […]

In Iceland’s resilience, a lesson for us as our world shifts

November 9, 2014 Get Resilient 0

Contributor: Johanna Hoffman Heimaey, Iceland – The grassy slopes above this small Icelandic fishing town exploded with lava and ash 41 years ago. Rolling meadows erupted into a raw volcano and columns of 2,000º molten […]

Natural buffers: managing wetlands for flood resilience

October 12, 2014 Get Resilient 0

Contributor: Will Bugler For years communities across the world have suffered the devastating effects of flooding. It is likely that climate change is increasing the frequency and severity of many of these flood events, and […]

Focus on resilience can risk turning into a power grab, researchers caution

September 14, 2014 Get Resilient 0

Contributor: Thomas Hubert As scientists and policymakers explore ways of making social and environmental systems more able to withstand shocks, there are growing concerns that existing inequality and power imbalances may be reinforced in the […]

Could climate change cause the next financial crash?

August 1, 2014 Get Resilient 0

Contributor: Will Bugler The impacts of the global financial crash are still being felt around the world. But even as fragile economies are barely beginning their slow stutter towards growth, we may be heading towards […]

UK Chief Scientific Advisor calls for better climate change communication

June 20, 2014 Get Resilient 0

Contributor: Will Bugler The grand surroundings of the British Medical Association’s central London headquarters played host to the University of Reading Walker Institute’s Annual Lecture earlier this month. The focus of the 2014 lecture was […]

Issues of resilience, interdependence and growth affect global climate change risk

June 5, 2014 Get Resilient 0

Contributor: Robin Webster Half of the world’s economic output will be concentrated in countries at “extreme risk” from natural hazards by 2025, according to a new study. It suggests that economic growth will not necessarily […]

Our wet winter showed the relevance of resilience… and how far we are from getting it right

March 15, 2014 Get Resilient 0

Contributor: Will Bugler The winter weather was quite something wasn’t it? Our newspapers and TV channels were saturated with images of the kind that would have made biblical people stop mocking Noah. Reporter after reporter […]

Human migration; an effective response to a changing climate?

March 7, 2014 Get Resilient 0

Contributor: Dr Anna Haworth Environmental factors have long had an impact on global migration flows as, historically, people tend to leave places with harsh or deteriorating conditions.  However, the scale of such flows, both internal […]

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