New data visualisation platform for climate resilience is launched

Contributor Will Bugler

A new data visualisation platform for climate resilience and adaptation practitioners launches today. The Partnership for Resilience and Preparedness (PREP), co-led by World Resources Institute and Future Earth, has developed a map-based platform, PREPdata, to provides easy access to the information that adaptation decision-makers need to assess vulnerability and build resilience to climate change. The PREPdata website is now live at

Acclimatise is a proud partner of the PREP initiative, which makes climate data more usable for people that need to consider climate change in their project, planning or investment decision-making.  On PREPdata, users can explore climate, physical and socioeconomic datasets and map them to visualize a the vulnerability of a specific region; track indicators most relevant to their work on customizable dashboards, and share their stories with adaptation professionals around the world.

PREPdata uses data from credible sources including NASA, NOAA, USGS and ESA allowing users to access and visualize spatial data reflecting past and future climate, as well as the physical and socioeconomic landscape for climate adaptation and resilience planning. The platform will continually evolve through the input of PREP partners and PREPdata users. PREPdata’s features include:

  1. A visual platform that is user-friendly and customisable to different contexts and skill levels;
  2. Active curation of datasets focused on climate resilience, streamlining the process of accessing and navigating to relevant data;
  3. Global coverage, with an emphasis on increasing access to datasets for the Global South, and support for applications across different scales and geographies; and
  4. A user-needs based strategy for platform development, using the knowledge and network of the partners and platform users to enable continuous improvement.

Widely applicable

The PREPdata platform has been developed with input from partners at city, state, and national scales, and from government, NGO and private sectors. For example, Sonoma County, California, has applied PREPdata to support its climate resilience planning, with a focus on changes that could affect the wine-growing and tourism-dependent region. In India, Acclimatise is involved in work using PREPdata to support climate adaptation plans in two Indian states – Uttarakhand and Madhya Pradesh – through the development of state-level dashboards to track indicators of climate hazard, vulnerability and adaptation. And, in Africa, PREP partners are exploring the use of PREPdata as a platform for regional-scale analysis of vulnerability to climate change.

Access the PREPdata portal here:

Read and share the PREPdata briefing note.

Learn more by signing up for PREP’s webinar.

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