How to communicate uncertainty around climate change


Contributor: Will Bugler & Maya Sanchez

Uncertainty surrounding climate change is often used as an excuse for inaction. But people make decisions in spite of uncertainty all the time in other parts of their lives: Investors invest and governments make decisions in spite of it, and millions of people buy insurance precisely because of it. So what has gone wrong when it comes to climate change? How can policymakers, campaigners, consultants and the media to communicate effectively about climate uncertainty?
In this video, Will Bugler and Maya Sanchez, of UK-based climate risk consultancy Acclimatise, interview Adam Corner, Research Director at the Climate Outreach and Information Network (COIN) and Stephan Lewandowsky, Professor of cognitive science at the University of Bristol, to learn more about communicating uncertainty.

Adam and Stephan are co-authors of the recently released ‘Uncertainty Handbook: A Practical Guide for Climate Change Communicators’  which available from the COIN website at

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