Glacial retreat at the source of the Ganges

November 29, 2014 Get Resilient 0

Contributor: Chris Knight Editor’s Note: Chris Knight sent this article to Get Resilient as he embarked on an epic journey walking the length of the Ganges river from source to sea. He began his walk […]

The new mantra of attribution and detection

November 26, 2014 Get Resilient 0

Contributor: Amanda L. Rycerz Over the past decade, the media, climate crusaders and sceptics alike have echoed the same mantra “no single extreme event can be attributed to human-induced climate change”. Whether this statement was […]

In Iceland’s resilience, a lesson for us as our world shifts

November 9, 2014 Get Resilient 0

Contributor: Johanna Hoffman Heimaey, Iceland – The grassy slopes above this small Icelandic fishing town exploded with lava and ash 41 years ago. Rolling meadows erupted into a raw volcano and columns of 2,000º molten […]